A Conversation with Las Vegas Awardee Cory Summerhays

Although he is CEO of a $36 million business, Cory Summerhays still drives a truck, carries tools and can often be found with paint on his fingers. “It’s in my nature to take time each week to be on the job site,” he said.

Quality and service are central to Summerhays’ business philosophy, which he feels has helped create a loyal customer base and employees.

“I place high value on people and building relationships. Companywide, in four states, we have only lost one individual from our management team in 11 years,” Summerhays said. “Over 70 of our painters have been with us for over five years, some have eclipsed the 10 year mark — something almost unheard of in our industry.”

Summerhays launched Unforgettable Coatings in January 2008 and now operates in Nevada, Arizona, Utah and Idaho. Along the way, he founded other companies, as well.

“In 2009, we launched an eco-friendly recycled paint manufacturing company, UCI Green Coat, which creates the product used to cover graffiti across Las Vegas,” he said. “A 2017 acquisition of Final Touch Painting solidified our position in the new construction market, and recently we’ve launched Blue APE Painting, an automated, web-based system providing homeowners with an easy home-repainting experience that we believe will be just as unforgettable as the rest of the products and services our other companies provide.”

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