In part 3 of 4, the Unforgettable Coatings team details how our team got involved in serving those closest to them during the COVID-19 pandemic. Each of our 80 employees received a $150 grocery gift card to give to a family of their choosing. During the prior day’s meeting, many people told stories of their day in the food bank line, handing out gift cards, and filling up gas. Each expressed their gratitude for performing service and how it had profoundly affected them.

The next day started early once again. Luckily, the high spirits from the day before had not run out. Many of our team members even brought their family along to join in on the experience. Some had told families they knew personally who needed help to come to Cardenas and receive a gift card.

These two events truly impacted everyone involved. Not only were the families happy for the contribution, but our workforce was truly grateful to be a part of the giving process. Some of our employees said this was their first time giving back to the community, but it wouldn’t be the last. It was a beautiful day that gave us a moment to reflect on all the good in the world and how we can help those less fortunate.

All in all, the experience brought our team together. We are grateful for experiences like these and to work for a company that focuses on service. It has given us a sense of pride that we could never give back. If you are interested in learning more about the Unforgettable Coatings mission or our roof coating systems, please visit